update 3/5/2019

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----------------------------------  update 3/5/2019
-Add Samsung SM-A260F Service Manual
-Add LG K340DSF K10 Service Manual
-Add Samsung SM-J730F Optics Sensor Ways
-Add Samsung SM-G975F ICs Parts List
-Add HTC EVO 3D G17 Schematic
-Add Samsung SM-J710F Charging Ways
-Add iPad Pro 12.9 2018 (A1876) ICs Parts List
-Add Oppo Realme 1 ICs Parts List
-Add HTC Desire 630 Power Button Ways
-Add Xiaomi Mi 9 ICs Parts List
-Add Huawei P30 Pro ICs Part List
-Add Samsung SM-J810F Thermistor T1000/TH4000
-Add  HTC Sensation XE Schematic&PCB Layout
-Add Sumsung SM-T110/T111 LCD Touch Solution
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