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الوقت كالسيف مع Mobile1Tech إن لم تقطعه قطعك😉
Time like a sword with Mobile1Tech If you do not cut it with the sword, the time will cut you😉 update 5-4-2019:
موقع الهاردوير الأول في العالم (مخططات-حلول ومسارت-بدائل آيسيات)
***Huawei Ways&Solutions***
-Huawei Y9 2019 (JKM-LX1)LCD Backlight Ways
-Huawei Y9 2019 (JKM-LX1)Charging&Battery Ways
-Huawei GR5 2017 (BLL-L21)Backlight Ways&Solution
***SAMSUNG Ways&Solutions***
-SAMSUNG SM-N950U Galaxy Note 8 Charging Solution
-SAMSUNG SM-J415F Galaxy J4 Plus Power Key Ways
-SAMSUNG SM-J415F Galaxy J4 Plus Speaker Ways
-SAMSUNG SM-J710F Galaxy J7 2016LCD Touch Ways
***itel Schematics&Service Manuals***
-itel A12 Service Manual
-itel A21 Service Manual
-itel A41 Plus_India Service Manual
-itel it1510 Service Manual
-itel it1507 Service Manual
-itel P12 Service Manual
-itel Prime 4 Service Manual
***SUMSUNG Service Manuals***
-SUMSUNG SM-T285 Galaxy Tab A 7.0 Service Manual
-SAMSUNG SM-G900V.R4 Galaxy S5 Verizon Service Manual
-SAMSUNG SGH-I337 Galaxy S4 AT&T Service Manual
-SAMSUNG SCH-I535 Galaxy S3 Verizon Service Manual
-SAMSUNG SPH-D710 Galaxy S2 Sprint Service Manual
-SAMSUNG SM-J700P Galaxy J7 Sprint Service Manual
-SAMSUNG SCH-I879 Galaxy Grand China Service Manual
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